Financial Services Organization


The Challenge
Customer centricity and customer retention are key objectives in most organizations. For this financial services organization, data demonstrates that retention is much more likely when members cross-purchase products and services across the Lines of Business; it makes the relationship to the overarching brand that much stronger.
The Approach
Developed an integrated solutions strategy that packaged products and services from across the enterprise, wrapped around key events in the customers’ lives. Launched the first Auto integrated solution, enabling customers to find, finance and insure your auto all in one place; launched via a comprehensive go-to-market plan, including DRTV, mobile and digital marketing, events and social media, with lead management to drive both referrals and conversion.
The Results
Delivered over 500K web visits in first month (and ongoing 200K leads/month), a high double-digit percentage increase in YOY car buying sales with over $50M in member auto savings of MSRP.


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