Consumer OTC Corporation


The Challenge
In 1989, blood glucose monitoring came out from behind the pharmacy counter which changed the business model to a consumer-driven Over-The-Counter (OTC) model. This large diagnostics company needed strategies and innovative marketing tactics to drive consumers to retail and self-select for the first time.
The Approach
Understanding the consumer diabetic's need to have trust and confidence in selecting his/her monitor, we recognized that an implied endorsement by an "authority" would greatly enhance unit sales. Thus, we negotiated with the American Diabetes Assn to develop the first cause-related marketing promotion in the industry, including ADA logo placement on all retail packaging and joint promotional materials. In exchange, the brand provided a donation with each product sold.
The Results
Our brand gained six market share points; the ADA relationship increased pharmacist and health care professional recommendations by 14%; and we generated $500K for diabetes research.


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