Leading Texas credit union


The Challenge
This leading Texas credit union recently acquired two new credit unions that primarily dealt with checking and savings accounts. Our challenge was to introduce the fully expansive list of services and products that our client offers. The challenge was to accomplish this during the short window of new opportunity. Research shows that newly acquired customers are 3-4 times more open to deepening their relationship within the first 30-60 days! In order to be top of mind, we had to take advantage of this time slot by setting a strategy to “on board” these new members with compelling messages and offers for the various of products and services (i.e. mortgages, credit cards, car loans, etc.) Our overall goal was the deepening of current relationships and driving customer loyalty.
The Approach
Brand Connectix sought to expand the activity of members by broadening the products and services they already had, within the short window of opportunity. We did this by digging into and analyzing various sources of Big Data. Brand Connectix developed a custom and targeted approach, targeting primary and secondary segments along with innovative “micro targeting,” delivering customized messages and offers that were delivered accordingly.
The Results
This leading Texas credit union's website was rebuilt for improved customer experience and in turn, increased product transactions. The strategic on boarding campaigns resulted in an industry leading 13% response rate, driving over $20M in new revenue in less than three months.


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