Fortune 50 Healthcare Manufacturer and Distributor


The Challenge
At this Fortune 50 healthcare manufacturer and pharmaceutical distributor, executive management recognized the path to organic growth was shifting from a holding company mentality to an integrated go-to-market approach, unifying 21 different lines of business. Heretofore, each business unit had its own inwardly-focused mechanism that had to be replaced by bringing the customer front and center, understanding their needs, and responding with new integrated solutions from within one set of walls.
The Approach
Introduced a customer-centric methodology to examine customers across their lifecycle from a total corporate perspective, not just via individual products or brands. Each function now has data on how customers think and feel at every relevant touch point (from contract negotiation, to complex service and product implementation, and customer service and invoicing) to develop more robust tactics to deliver on the customer relationship strategy.
The Results
After multi-year deployment of the strategy, customer loyalty improved 3% and reduced at-risk account by nearly 10%. Further, the integrated approach significantly increased the number of C-suite decision-maker meetings.


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