Our Mission and Approach

At Brand Connectix, we’re passionate about our customers, passionate about our work, and definitely proud of the results we deliver. We are the brand strategic consultants that bridge the gap between your brand and your target customers, enabling new connections and cultivating relationships that build brands … and accelerate businesses.

We believe your customers should be front and center. Your products and services should be memorable. We help foster that connection to your brand. How do we do it? Through the Relationship Framework, we integrate marketing and sales strategies that accelerate growth and maximize retention. The end result is a meaningful connection that can be measured. Profitable growth through engaged customer relationships. Brand promise equals brand delivery. Brand equity equals increased revenue and earnings.

How are we different? Whether you’re customer-committed or working on becoming that way, we help you create and cultivate enduring and profitable customer relationships. Using innovative and proven strategies, we work with you to achieve your business goals. We get it. Consumers have ever increasing choices; competition has never been tougher. The need for connection has never been greater. Brand Connectix helps you cut through the clutter and become the brand of choice.

And we approach it from 30,000 feet … executing down to the last three feet at retail. Taking a holistic view of these connections, we mastermind the front-end (marketing and sales) and bring in the back-end (operations and customer service) so the customer experience is consistent and compelling and exceptional … from start to finish.

At Brand Connectix, we measure our success by your success, ultimately evidenced through your corporate scorecard.  We help you meet your sales, financial, customer and employee goals. Through our unique approach, we enable companies to engage employees to better understand their customers. Brand Connectix builds brands.  We drive customer acquisition. We deliver retention.  We build lifelong relationships.  Ultimately, we accelerate growth.

And based on our wealth of experience across many industries, we bring an innovative eye to solving your marketing and sales challenges – in fact, we have a history of launching many industry firsts. Through a litany of industry awards and solid business results, we walk the talk.

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