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Brand Connectix provides branding, strategic and integrated marketing, sales and innovation strategy and customer loyalty consulting. We also offer marketing due diligence services for prospective business investments.

Our common compass across all our services is your brand.

Your brand is the relationship your customers have with you. It says what you believe in – and connects with what they believe in.  When your brand is relevant, it holds a permanent place in your customers’ hearts and minds. For your customers, it’s not simply a purchase. It’s personal.

Powerful. Competitive. Innovative. These are the qualities that we uncover to make your products and services stand apart among a crowded field. Marketing is not sales. And branding is not a clever tag line and slick packaging. It’s the systematic and creative pursuit of answering questions: What are they buying? Why should they buy from us? And what will make them come back again and again?

What does your brand stand for? How is the message delivered? Are you effectively driving leads and closing them?  Do you consistently deliver on your promises with your products and services?  Are you building customers for life?

Creating and cultivating relationships requires a disciplined approach – by reaching them where they’re looking for you, presenting compelling messages and offers that drive preference for your brand, intimately knowing your customers and ultimately ensuring you deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is the discipline Brand Connectix brings to your organization.

For those brands that are unknown, we make them known. For the upstarts, we help with positioning and placement to quickly build awareness. For those brands that are strong, Brand Connectix keeps them fresh and relevant, making them stronger.

How do you make the invisible visible and differentiate from other offerings? These are the questions that we answer.

From individual programs to large engagements, we take on a wide variety of brand, marketing and sales challenges from companies of all kinds. New product? Add-on Service? A branding campaign or brand positioning that never got off the ground? Driving innovation into portfolio and marketing? Customer-centricity transformation?  Brand Connectix brings a fresh set of eyes and an uncompromising commitment to finding a way that works. And delivers results.

Plus, unlike other firms out there, we are flexible. One time project or monthly retainer. An extension of your marketing department or simple consultation. We adapt our working relationship to fit your needs.  At Brand Connectix, we take a custom approach … because each client is unique in their needs and challenges.

Brand Connectix generates measurable results, building business for small and large companies in many categories, in a wide variety of industries. Creative, committed and experienced, we are the marketing and strategic brand consulting service experts.

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