Relationship Framework

Brand Connectix is one of a kind. Like your product or service, our approach and those who make up our team, have a special quality, and come at things from a different angle. To know your customers – really know who you are selling to and why – takes experience. It takes a caring company, coming from an authentic place, working with actionable data, implementing a solid plan. Delivering results that exceed expectations.

To carry out this process we use our Relationship Framework.  In each phase of the framework, we leverage the insights from the previous phases, successfully growing and building those all-important relationships you have with your prospects and customers.

Brand Connectix takes a unique approach to understanding, creating and cultivating customer relationships so they are not episodic and shallow, but rather are lifelong and deep.   It’s not just a discreet sales transaction. It’s a decision that your customer is making and an opportunity to create value in a growing relationship.

There are dozens of marketing firms that can help build a plan and sell your products, but very few who have a systematic, proven process for success – not just in attracting a prospect the first time, but for truly connecting with them and building a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. Brand Connectix is fully committed to understanding your challenge, finding the right way to drive awareness and conversion and in the process, actually reduce your marketing expense over time by igniting your brand message and delivering on that promise with every purchase.

The following outline the specific stages of the Framework:

Relationship FrameworkDEMAND GENERATION


Our Relationship Framework integrates Demand Generation with Sales Execution to ensure consistent messaging throughout the entire process. Your advertising, direct marketing, sales conversion and, ultimately, your ongoing relationship marketing are all in sync and delivering a unified customer experience.  The result is a more robust sales funnel with fewer prospects dropping out along the way … and more customers remaining with the brand for the long term.  It also drives increased efficiency in resource spend with better results – growth, revenue, profits and earnings.

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