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What lead and offer management tools are you using to convert sales? What approaches are you exploring to extend your customer’s relationship with your brand? Do you have a process to understand your customers at risk, or to stimulate retention and loyalty?

The best marketing campaign ever conceived and executed is sub-optimized without a complementary sales plan. Sales and marketing should be integrated to maximize your success.  It’s fundamental, but so often confused or planned poorly or executed independently, by even some of the most well known brands.

Let’s be clear: Marketing generates the demand – it’s the activities that drive awareness, consideration and preference for your products and services. It drives leads. Sales capitalize on the leads and bring in the customers to close the sale. Whether it’s an easy or hard sale, high dollar item or nominal one, B2B or B2C, the distinction between … and integration of the two is critical. So is the importance of the sales process itself. Far too many award winning marketing campaigns fail to deliver the intended sales. At Brand Connectix, we focus relentlessly on both to ensure total success, every time.

So, how do we focus on sales execution?

Our sales strategy approach works whether you’re a consumer products organization or a B2B services company, selling multi-year contracts that require executive team sponsorship and sign-off, or selling a simple consumer product.  The principles of smart selling are the same: it takes committed interaction that is supported by the overall sales and marketing plan.

And all the marketing you did up to that point should support your sales efforts. It is, in essence, the second half of our Relationship Framework.  At Brand Connectix, we help you connect the brand and marketing to the tangible outcomes in the form of sales.  We not only deliver the traditionally ‘softer’ measures of brand awareness and consideration but also the hard metrics of sales, revenue and profitability.

CONVERTING SALES – What specific tools will you use to convert the sale? What disciplined sales process do we have in place?  You could include a limited offer. You could drive a multi-stage follow up campaign. You could reinforce the benefit story. You could simply ask for the business. Getting prospects to buy is part art, part science. But is all driven by genuine commitment to meet the customer’s need through your compelling products, services and offers. Connecting those needs with your brand differentiation in the sales process is what drives relationships … and growth … and revenue. Specific service areas:

DEEPEN RELATIONSHIPS – Who are these people that you call “customers”? Do you really know them?  What do they like to do in their spare time? Where do they live? What other types of products do they buy? How do they feel about your brand and talk about your products?  Are they even aware that you offer more than what they originally purchased?  Understanding their needs and cross-selling means deepening or expanding the relationship a customer has with your brand.  Deepening makes relationships more engaging.  Deepening the relationship is everything. Specific service areas:

RETAIN CUSTOMERS, LEADING TO LOYALTY – Do you know how many of your customers are passionate about your brand?  Can you identify a customer who is at risk?  Are you as attentive to customers in year 10 as you were in month one?  Do you have an approach to ‘win back’ those who have left you?  Retention, leading to customer loyalty, is all about developing a positive, mutually beneficial relationship that delivers ongoing fulfillment and enriching experiences along the way.  Consistently, successfully finding a way to connect – in more meaningful ways. And always asking the question, How can we become more in the eyes of our customer? Specific service areas:

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