Marketing Due Diligence Consultation – Marketing Plan Review

Are you an investment firm seeking a way to understand the opportunity of a potential investment’s marketing? Or a company looking for capital infusion that needs help in responding to a diligence request?

Understanding the current brand marketing strength and performance is as critical to understanding the operating cash flow. Brand and marketing assets are important material assets that can help determine the success of a company.

Brand Connectix provides this marketing due diligence as an integral part of the formal due diligence process, enabling investment and private equity firms to make better informed decisions.  Because of our experience in working with large and small companies, we can provide a detailed review and assessment of the following for each potential company investment:

It’s the planned approach, the effective combination of resources – both human and capital – along with creative strategic execution that translate to marketing success. An honest review of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats – from a marketing perspective – is an activity that can pay for itself a hundred times over. Brand Connectix can step in and provide value added consultation that will help put your investments on the right path.

Many times, the process of marketing due diligence is short-changed because investment firms often don’t have the expertise to conduct and understand the results of a disciplined marketing assessment. We help you get the right information to make better investment decisions.

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