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How do you leverage your marketing mix? How do you integrate multiple tactics to create consistent messaging and forward movement? Do you know where your customers are looking for information about your brand?

Brand Connectix knows that no marketing strategy or tactic stands alone. It’s very rare that a simple print ad effort will move the needle. Likewise, a website that does not consider search engine optimization is dead in the water. It’s the successful combination of marketing tactics that accomplishes the goal.

What are we referring to with an integrated approach? It could be a trade or sponsorship event integrated with an email campaign that is followed up with a phone promotion. It could be a television ad campaign that includes a series of targeted landing pages that provides a free trial offer. And connections to social media to drive that viral buzz.  Not always, but many times they include the combination of traditional and online tactics. These types of campaigns can be extremely successful – if executed correctly.  The Relationship Framework provides this executional discipline.

Why use an integrated marketing approach? Because each of your prospects responds differently. Because frequency and variation are important elements of any successful communication. And because it’s been proven time and time again: prospects get to know your brand, like your brand and trust your brand quicker through the integrated methodology.

What is it? It’s the tactical delivery of your marketing strategy for any given product or service. The integration opportunity is real, but rarely practiced. The blending of online and offline tools and tactics around a single marketing strategy can be a winning combination.

Our integrated approach matches the right marketing mix to the appropriate Relationship Framework phase to optimally move your customers through the sales funnel … at a faster pace with better results.  With our expertise, we will recommend and guide your marketing mix to drive Demand Generation, including

Our mission is to give your prospects very little reason to look anywhere else for what they need. Building the market, taking market share away and growing the pie: Integration is the key to all of it. Mass marketing, one-to-one marketing, and lead generation were never meant to stand alone. Neither were offline and online, traditional and new media.

By complementing and reinforcing the strategy with innovative approaches and tactical plans, we accelerate the overall effort. The individual tactics find a synergy and make a greater impact. And it doesn’t matter what area of the marketing chain it is – product development, pricing, promotion, distribution or customer service, thinking from an integrated approach builds strong and enduring brands that can weather any challenge.

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