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Innovation ServicesHow do you define Innovation in your organization? Where in your organization does innovation come from? What percent of your 3-5 year pipeline will come from new-to-market ideas? Do you have a disciplined process to ensure a rich pipeline?

In looking at the marketplace today, there are far too many brands doing the same thing they did ten years ago. What is their reality? Shrinking margins and diminishing profits. Of course, implementing change for change’s sake is not the answer. It’s about smart innovation. Forging a new path to success. To innovate is to find a new way. And finding a new approach is sometimes the only thing that works. We are always asking, is there a better, more meaningful way to differentiate and create value? 

To innovate requires creative thinking. It demands close attention to consumer trends. Whether we are coming up with a campaign idea, domain development or specific concepts that involve customer vetting and business validation, we are always thinking different. If there is a better way to market the brand, we are going to go there.

Brand Connectix has extensive experience in leveraging innovation in our strategic approach. This includes portfolio innovation – new-to-market products and services.  From the full slate of tools we use to the disciplined framework we follow, we can help guide you through a new or improved process to develop a rich innovation pipeline.

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We also employ innovative marketing programming.  For us, “out-of-box” is not an empty expression. It means coming at the solution from a unique angle if it’s proven that a unique approach is relevant and meaningful to your customers. At Brand Connectix, we have a long history of developing ‘industry first’ marketing programs that exceed objectives.

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We understand that creation and communication of the brand promise is only the start. You also need to fulfill this promise. Emanating from your culture and vision, and integrated into the needs and aspirations of your customers, you need the perfect environment for sustained innovation. Brand Connectix is ready to help you tap into the innovative mindset and develop differentiated solutions that will impact your bottom line and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

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