Customer Loyalty Strategy and Execution

Do you have a loyalty definition that applies to be both acquisition and retention? Do you know which brand interactions drive loyalty more than others? Do you have a process in place to integrate feedback into action? Do you know what an improvement in customer loyalty means to your revenue?

Loyalty: what happens when customers make your brand (and your products or services) a permanent part of their lives. It’s when your brand becomes the most trusted, desired and selected brand in your competitive set. Many companies want to achieve this status but few make the commitment … or have the know-how it takes to get there.  And it’s also a serious responsibility. You need to always hold up your end of the relationship. A product or service failure, even inattention across key brand interactions can create customer dissension – quickly.

Of course, we live in a time of easy distractions, conflicting messages and total noise. As consumers, we are inundated with marketing messages and commercials, always trying to lure us away.  It’s difficult to keep loyal customers. But at the same time, they want to be able to make a choice. They don’t want to think too much. If your brand delivers what they want and more importantly, what they need – you win.

Brand Connectix has extensive experience in developing and managing Customer Loyalty. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, start-up or mid-size organization, we know how to drive customer centricity and loyalty in ways that make a big impact.

Customer LoyaltyDeveloping Customized Customer Loyalty Strategies…We help you:

How do we accomplish Customer Loyalty?

Achieving loyalty isn’t always easy. The bottom line: We all know that keeping existing customers is infinitely easier than finding new ones. In fact, marketing to new customers can be five to six times more expensive than the cost of marketing to your existing customers. A brand-loyal customer is less sensitive to and less likely to stray to a competitor’s promotions. If you manage it correctly.

How do you achieve customer loyalty? It isn’t easy. It’s about influencing attitude. It’s about understanding their needs and what’s important to them. It’s about knowing all the relevant touch points (ways in which customers interact with your brand) and optimizing the experiences within these touch points.  But most of all, it’s about finding a way to their hearts and minds. We don’t stop until we get there. Brand Connectix is committed to engaging and nurturing customers who believe in your brand.  We’re ready to help you make that connection.

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