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What is your unique value proposition? Who needs your products and services? What are the rational and emotional benefits of your product that appeal to your targeted customers? What are your differentiated claims that set you apart competitively?

Brand Connectix can help you determine the architecture of your brand. Architecture is the disciplined process and outcome of planning, designing and construction.  We develop your brand architecture from the ground up – refining the brand positioning to be more on target and differentiated, recommending segmentation approaches, and developing the master brand strategy and more.

Whether you need a soup to nuts approach or simple tweaking to optimize the brand effectiveness, we make your customers feel like your brand was developed “just for them”. Fact: If your brand architecture is not strong, everything else – marketing, sales and customer service – rests on an unstable foundation.

Working within a disciplined brand architecture framework, we help evolve the architecture to strengthen the brand via:

At Brand Connectix we focus on the proven tenants of brand positioning, segmentation, relevant brand pillars, key brand benefits and your overall brand value proposition in order to uncover the quickest route to customer adoption and brand equity.

Architecting a brand is not always easy. Developing the optimal architecture – one that is compelling, differentiated yet relevant and emotionally connecting — takes expertise.

Through our comprehensive approach and disciplined process, we help bridge the gap between your brand and your future and current customers.

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