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Your products and services have a life cycle. Every customer has a need. Our goal – for all of our clients – is to build brand awareness, generate demand through innovative marketing, streamline the sales process and drive execution to close the sale and maximize long term brand equity.

From developing the brand architecture to building the marketing campaign, executing the program to closing the sale to measuring the results, our strategic consultancy specializes in helping organizations develop brand strategies and tactical programming to achieve their business goals. No matter the issue or how challenging it might be, we are committed to finding a way to tap your customer’s passion and connect them with your brand.

A brand embodies the promise you make with your customers. It starts first with understanding what the brand can be and ends with a permanent place within the hearts and minds of your target audience. We do it through message; we do it through media. And we do it through integration.  Integration of marketing and sales, integration with internal and external communication, and integration between customer-facing interactions and back-end support services inside your company. And in the process, we motivate purchases and ongoing relationships.

Offering a Wide Range of Services

At Brand Connectix, no one strategy or tactic stands alone. All of our marketing and sales services fall within our Relationship Framework model and are not exclusive to one phase. Through this unique and comprehensive approach, we ensure integration along the entire continuum of relationship building, efficiently creating awareness and and effectively generating rapid adoption.

From a powerful and competitive brand positioning to a relevant and effective marketing mix and sales execution approach, we create compelling, rewarding customer experiences that fill the sales funnel and ensure customer loyalty for years to come.  Essentially, the Framework methodology we employ covers all the bases and ensures a comprehensive and efficient approach.

We are also able to assist with innovation strategy, customer loyalty challenges and help develop a corporate customer-centric transformation … to ensure your organization is focused on creating, connecting and cultivating relationships through innovative marketing, products and services.  At Brand Connectix we will develop the appropriate recommendation that maximizes your strategic investments.

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